Oracle OpenWorld is BIG. Fascinating infographic and free eBook guide to SF

Oracle OpenWorld is in San Francisco from 22-26 September. But if all you do is visit the Oracle keynotes and exhibition stands then you have missed out on one of the best cities in the world. But what are the coolest things to do and the best restaurants to eat in. Unless you are a local you will never know….. except now. Because we have created a FREE eBook which you can download called the Insiders Guide to San Francisco.


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Founder of, tech advisor, investor, speaker and author. Runs on Duracell. Based in San Francisco and in a 747., is the business analysis app designed to support Salesforce #AwesomeAdmins. 100% cloud, it is tightly integrated into Salesforce. Use the free core capabilities to capture business processes and embed them inside objects, with single sign-on.

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